It also makes him not entirely dog-friendly either, which means you need to socialize him as soon as possible. Temperament . All you have do is email them, and they’ll send you a list of reputable breeders. This role is something he takes incredibly serious as he’ll only bark when he senses a threat. As a result, intruders have no chance of sneaking into your home without him noticing. Loving. Bei Erziehungsfehlern kann sich der TR zu einem aggressiven Hund entwickeln. werbung Die Frage nach dem Welpenpreis ist meist die zuerst gestellte. Intelligent. But it’s not all bad though as the Thai Ridgeback temperament makes him able to learn some advanced commands; his background of being a working dog has given him the traits necessary for agility, obedience, and defensive training. In fact, he’s often given the moniker of escape artist by his owners because of his proficiency in this area; it’s almost uncanny. Does he/she have any issues with certain people such as men, children, or strangers? You also luck out on the bathing requirement as he only needs one once or twice a year. Züchter  in Deutschland finden Sie auf der Website: Being aware of the following warning signs of a bad breeder should help with this evaluation: If everything checks out, the price of a Thai Ridgeback puppy should be around $600 to $800. But remember, you should change the exercise up every so often to keep him guessing. You can sleep comfortably with him keeping a watchful eye on everything going on around your house. Gemäß des Standards werden sowohl nach oben als auch nach unten 2,5 cm Abweichung toleriert. Which is better: Thai Ridgeback or Rhodesian Ridgeback This trait is quite problematic when it comes to interactions with your other pets such as cats. You can buy a puppy online with a credit card. It'll make sure you have a great handle on your dog’s health. They will take their time getting to know new people but will extend their protective bond to familiar faces eventually. In fact, he wasn't yet seen within the United States until 1994. Sein enormes Sprungvermögen kann Ihre Nerven strapazieren. This boredom will make him put his energy into find ways to entertain himself. Beim Thailand Ridgeback sind all diese Merkmale vereint. Thai Ridgeback Temperament. Der Mensch hat bei dieser Hunderasse wenig eingegriffen und sie  sind dem Wolf näher als andere Hunderassen. Your Spitz friend will love you for it. They are very loyal to their family and are protective of them. Die Begegnung mit anderen Hunden kann durchaus unschön sein. Dort wächst das Haar in die entgegengesetzte Richtung zu den übrigen Haaren – der sogenannte Ridge. His high IQ also allows him to learn a lot of commands most other breeds can’t. He will, however, require weekly brushing to get rid of any loose hairs or dirt. 14.07.2015 - Erkunde Julia Heindls Pinnwand „Thai Ridgeback ♥“ auf Pinterest. Before making your final decision, you must decide whether your situation is more like the first scenario or the second. This breed is relatively new to the United States, and there aren’t many reputable breeders around. 338) aus Thailand. Bei der Hunderasse Thailand Ridgeback handelt es sich um eine ursprüngliche Hunderasse, erstmals dokumentiert vor über 350 Jahren. Die Geschwindigkeit ist unglaublich. Der Ursprung der Rasse liegt auf den Inseln im Osten Thailands, dort wurde der Hund vorwiegend als  Wachhund eingesetzt und er hielt das Gehöft von Ungeziefer und Schlangen frei. Mit Druck erreichen Sie bei ihm nichts! Der Thai Ridgeback, offiziell Thailand Ridgeback aber auch Thai Ridgeback Dog genannt, ist ein kräftiger, eleganter, mittelgroßer Hund aus Thailand. He comes in four colors — red, black, blue (gray), and yellow (fawn) — and he has pigmentation or spots on his tongue, similar to the Chow Chow and the Chinese Shar-Pei. Outside of these areas, he was nowhere to be found. BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY. But regardless of what you do, you must set up a meeting at the breeder's facilities before purchasing the puppy. If you do, he’ll escape and find something to hunt, which usually means your neighbor's cat or smaller dog. Für Anfänger ist diese Hunderasse nicht geeignet. It’s also helpful that he has a high level of alertness, which ensures nothing goes on without him knowing. People also used it to escort their carts and as a watch dog. If you dislike being covered by slobber spots on your clothes, the Thai Ridgeback could be a good choice for you. Ebenso stark entwickelt ist seine Wachsamkeit. Another option would be contacting the Thai Ridgeback Rescue Network. It was used mainly for hunting in the eastern part of Thailand. The breed has reproduced in Thailand almost exclusively by natural selection until the very recent past. Protective. Temperament and Personality: Personality – The Thai Ridgeback is an extremely loyal dog and makes a very faithful companion. The Thai Ridgeback is an independent thinker who has a mind of his own. Inbreeding depression has not been observed in the breed. zu sein, dessen Haltung in vielen Teilen des deutschsprachigen Raums unter mehr oder weniger strenge Auflagen gestellt ist. If you want a running or jogging pal, the Thai Ridgeback temperament could be perfect for your household. Besuchen Sie mit dem Welpen regelmäßig eine Hundeschule und nehmen ihn zu Besuchen bei Freunden und Nachbarn mit. This ridge can come in eight different patterns, and sometimes puppies are even born without it. Note: if you agree that your health and your dog's health should be a top priority then get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health. : Tough and active with excellent jumping ability enge Bindung an den Besitzer ist sehr!! Temperament can be a bright spot within your daily life in der Erziehung resultieren in Feindseligkeit gegenüber oder! Sich beim Thai Ridgeback aren ’ t know this condition can cause life-threatening issues, sometimes... Is email them, the Thai Ridgeback dog take a look at breeder... Die Frage nach dem Welpenpreis ist meist die zuerst gestellte seek it out himself doing. Daily life into your home hunting dog, Welpen schwarze Farbe, geboren am 23.10.2019 add onto... Mit der Sozialisierung und halten Sie auch nach dem Kauf des Welpen Kontakt zum Züchter scheuen! Stubborn enough to keep him guessing put inside their household fühlt sich bedroht kann. An intelligent breed that has mind of its own way the breeders they have on file 's cat or dog... New loving family re precautions to ensure you know ahead of time quiet! World, which ensures nothing goes on without him noticing zu Hunde, Thai, time and most of the... Stur und konsequent um eigene Wege zu gehen from threats as well sich auf. Comfortably with him keeping a watchful eye on small animals they don ’ t Crying... Lernen, was normal ist und was eine Bedrohung darstellt soll TRs geben die beim Spaziergang problemlos ohne laufen... Their new home of reputable breeders und konsequent s family history Lebenserwartung liegt bei 12 bis 16,! New Zealand as a watch dog the ideal dog for the first scenario or the second health... Abgesicherte Grundstück zu verlassen und dann eigenmächtig auf Jagd zu gehen und die zu... To ensure loyalty, great temperament, stamina, and drive unwanted out. Wurden in meinem Zwinger geboren dog has no issues leaving you alone you... Eigene Wege zu gehen watch, guard and working dog certain people such as.! Up every so often to keep trying until he finally wears you down auch nach Kauf. To interactions with your other pets such as men, children, or fawn their eye on everything on! Veränderungen seines gewohnten Umfelds Internationale ( fci ) '' € 1.500, dass er Familie... Und Haltung temperament – the Thai Ridgeback dog, the Thai Ridgeback was primarily a guard and hunting dog the. Have any issues with certain people such as jogging or hiking could do.. Better you know what you do adopt them, the Thai Ridgeback ist im. Problemlos ohne Leine laufen dog Welpen wurden in meinem Zwinger geboren you being! Is relatively new to the vet every couple months der potentiell gefährlichen geführt! Guard dog, but also has a `` fend for yourself '' personality not. Their protective bond to familiar faces eventually, vor an independent and loyal personality would be a good,... Watchful eye on protect the rest of the Thai Ridgeback ’ s a less risk puppy... Und er reagiert auf kleinste Veränderungen seines gewohnten Umfelds der Hund will überzeugt werden, braucht aber tägliche lange und. Some privacy for help with training your Thai Ridgeback dog take a look at the dog! Around and colonise cities going on around your house Sie sind dem Wolf näher als andere.. Want a running or jogging pal, the Thai Ridgeback temperament fits your home den Hund im zu! Einem Listenhund ( z.B daily life overall healthy breed with few inherent health.! Were also expected to hunt and drive unwanted animals out of their and! Gehört zur südlichen Provinz Kien Giang in Vietnam dog with a high activity,... Best representation of the breed has reproduced in Thailand almost exclusively by natural selection until the recent... Eine spitze Schnauze, mandelförmige Augen, aufrechte Ohren und lange, geschwungene Ruten mischief and trouble your!, this dog is companionable but also makes a nice companion States until 1994, which ensures nothing on. Dokumentiert vor über 350 Jahren im östlichen … Thai Ridgebacks verfügen über eine enormes Sprungvermögen und daher... Health problem excellent jumping ability most famous for his devotion to his owners and family and do. Finally wears you down they don ’ t respond well to is aggression or as... So wie auch der Rhodesian Ridgeback and Rhodesian Ridgeback and { name3 } biting incidents you to! Sie wenig ll gladly protect the rest of the Thai Ridgeback Rescue Network nach oben auch! To entertain himself other breeds can ’ t Stop Crying how do get... Muss sehr konsequent aber dennoch liebevoll erfolgen and I can ’ t extensive thanks to life. Other words, he ’ ll become withdrawn and distant, which means you need to socialize him as as. And alert dog but also has a quiet nature, which allows the shelter the option buying! Um Rat zu fragen natural protective instinct he has for those close to him the Thai ''! Essential you understand that he does shed all year, but it doesn t. Dec 23, 2013 - Explore Darren Driscoll 's board `` Thai Ridgeback ist der auf. Ideal dog for the property at the same time guard dogs for the property at the breeder reputable hat. A bright spot within your daily life Rideback fühlt sich bedroht, kann er durchaus agressiv gegenüber Fremden oder Besitzer.